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    RiF-KittyJr Profile Pack

    10,00 €Price


    Seeking to recreate the sound of a Kitty Hawk Junior

    Kitty Hawk amps were quite popular here in Germany back when I bought mine in about 1983 or 1984 when I traded in a Korg Polxysix for this amp and a Fender Strat. Some people say these amps are somewhere between a Boogie Mk and a Dumble, but I never played any of those to tell you if this is true. To me, this 50W amp definetly has the 6L6 signature from it's power amp tubes. The Normal input is meant to be clean but can go into some very nice breakup when the pickup is hot enough and the (preamp)-volume is all the way up. The Overdrive input introduces a second gain stage and adds quite some distortion. Being a classic amp, the low-end is warm and a bit flubby but can be tightened easily using some drive pedals.

    This amp really likes the Creamback and V30 speakers from my Kitty Hawk 4x12 cabinet, so the majority of profiles were made with these speakers. To perserve this amp's tone, I also added some profiles using the internal G12-65 speaker of the combo.


    All profiles were made using the following gear:

    • Kitty Hawk Junior 1x12 Combo.

    • Kitty Hawk 4x12 cabinet (from the mid 1980's) with four different speakers (Creamback, V30, Greenback and G12-M25) installed.

    • BAE 1073MP preamp

    • Several different drive pedals

    • Furman power conditioner


    The pack contains 68 Studio profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (you need this hardware device to load and use the profiles).

    Both the Overdrive and the Normal inputs are profiled. For each setting, there are variations with different drive pedals. Check my blog about the pedals used.

    There's a special EQ setting in FX slot X (off by default). Check my blog about it. 

    Here's a document with a complete list of all the profiles in this pack.

    All of the guitar tones you can hear in my audio samples are recorded directly from the KPA, usually directly from the STACK OUTPUT without any fx from the KPA or within Pro Tools. There's just a Waves SSL compressor on the mix bus and Ozone's Maximizer getting it up to the correct level. Nothing else. Leads may have delay and reverb, which are part of the profile.