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    RiF-DR Profile Pack v2

    10,00 €Price

    RiF-DR v2!

    Seeking to recreate the sound of a Dual Rectifier.
    Now with InfiniCabs! 
    With the v2 update, you are getting hundreds ​of DI amplifier profiles and hundreds of cabinet profiles which can be freely combined to create literally thousands of tones. Now it's easier than ever to get the tone you like
    The cabinet profiles come with different mic positions, where you can virtually move the mic from the center towards the edge of the speaker in ca. 1/2 inch steps and choose the distance to the speaker grille in 1 inch steps as well. To top that, you can also put the mic at an angle (about 45 degrees).

    Obviously this amp is known for delivering "teh Br00talz" and surely this pack contains exactly these tones. The red channel's modern mode has been used to create these profiles (check out the "RiF-DR Mod*" profiles). You'll get unboosted tones as well as the ubiquitous "Maxon OD808 into Rectifier Red-Modern  into Mesa 4x12 V30 cabinet tone" that you know from countless metal records from the early 1990's until now.

    But there's more!


    The Vintage mode from the orange channel goes from crunch to high-gain. You'll find a selection of the amp's different modes (spongy / bold) and rectifier types (tube / silicon). Although the differences in tone aren't that huge, you'll notice that the feel of the amp changes quite a bit. 

    The Raw mode (using the orange channel) is probably the most overlooked mode of this amp. It might be for a reason, but still this mode is quite unique and is a very nice combination of a low- to mid-gain, crunchy tone with that typical Recto-vibe that you simply don't get elsewhere.

    You want some more?

    You have to check out the Pushed mode of the green channel! This is so great and please, no matter what style of music you're in, listen at least to my sound samples. Being glued to the red/modern mode for years, I have been extremely surprised about the gorgeous tones coming out of this mode. Crunchy rhythms that easily step into British Amp-territory. And I have been even more surprised how well the MT-pedal pairs with this amp to create a lead tone that's very inspiring to play and lets the lead tone sit easily above even the most crushing rhythm guitars in a mix.

    And last but not least the Clean mode. The clean tones coming from this amp sound pretty Fender'esque to my ears, which is usually a good thing for cleans. The tone is chimy and big. It starts to break up a little when the gain is high. It pairs very good with the KPA's internal pedal models.


    All profiles were made using the following gear:

    • Dual Rectifier 3-channel head (must have been made somewhere in the early 2000's).

    • Rectifier 4x12 cabinet (from the mid-1990's) with British V30 speakers and one retro-fitted T75 speaker

    • Kitty Hawk 4x12 cabinet (from the early 1980's) with G12-65 and V30 speakers

    • SM57 and e906 microphones

    • BAE 1073MP preamp

    • Several different drive pedals

    • Furman power conditioner

    • The new v2 pack contains 83 Cabinet profiles and 105 DI/Merged profiles.

    • The pack also contains the 114 Studio profiles from Version 1 of the pack. for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (you need this hardware device to load and use the profiles). 

    • The modes Clean, Pushed, Raw, Vintage and Modern are profiled. For each setting, there are variations with different drive pedals. Check my blog about the pedals used.

    • There's a special EQ setting in FX slot X (off by default). Check my blog about it. 

    • Here's a document with the complete list of all the profiles in this pack.

    All of the guitar tones you can hear in my audio samples are recorded directly from the KPA, usually directly from the STACK OUTPUT without any fx from the KPA or within Pro Tools. There's just a Waves SSL compressor on the mix bus and Ozone's Maximizer getting it up to the correct level. Nothing else. Leads may have delay and reverb, which are part of the profile.
    RiF-DR Mod Demo:
    The "RiF-DR Mod B1 GR V30" has been used on the left and "RiF-DR Mod B2 OD V30" on the right. Played with a Charvel Pro-Mod with Duncan Distortion pickups.
    RiF-DR Raw Demo:
    Several profiles from the Raw mode played with a Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Duncan JB in the bridge position.
    RiF-DR Psh Demo:
    Several profiles from the Pushed mode played with a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster, both using the neck and bridge pickups for rhythm and leads. The leads start with the "PI" pedal, then the "OD" pedal and the last lead is the "MT" pedal using the Les Paul's neck pickup.