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    RiF-30th Profile Pack

    10,00 €Price


    Seeking to recreate the sound of a Marshall 30th Anniversary 
    I have bought this amp new back in the early 1990's and it has been my main amp for a very long time. Mine is the EL34 version in black tolex. There were different versions with blue tolex and 5881 tubes and an LM-version with a modified lead channel available as well.
    This amp is kind of the father of the current JVM, having MIDI, plenty of modes and other switches . Too much to describe here in detail.
    It has 3 channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead plus the Crunch channel has 3 different modes to switch the voicing between a JTM'ish (2A), a JCM 800/Super Lead'ish (2B) and a JCM 900'ish (2C) tone. I had a JCM 900 back in the day but it sounded very thin compared to this amp. In my opinion, the Crunch channel is the gem of this amp.
    The power amp can be switched from the warmer triode to a tighter pentode operation and you'll find both modes in my profiles (see the tags for info about the mode used).
    The clean channel has been one of the first really clean channels from this manufacturer. It pairs very well with the KPA's built in drive pedals, so I did not include my selection of drive pedals on this channel.
    The Lead channel has more gain than you'll ever need. 
    All profiles were made using the following gear:
    • Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100B 100W/EL34 head

    • Kitty Hawk 4x12 cabinet with Creamback, V30 and Greenback speakers

    • SM57 microphone

    • BAE 1073MP preamp

    • Several different drive pedals

    • Furman power conditioner


    The pack contains 71 Studio profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (you need this hardware device to load and use the profiles).

    All channels (Clean, 2A, 2B, 2C and Lead) are profiled. For each setting, there are variations with different drive pedals. Check my blog about the pedals used.

    There's a special EQ setting in FX slot X (off by default). Check my blog about it. 

    Here's a document with a complete list of all the profiles in this pack.

    All of the guitar tones you can hear in my audio samples are recorded directly from the KPA, usually directly from the STACK OUTPUT without any fx from the KPA or within Pro Tools. There's just a Waves SSL compressor on the mix bus and Ozone's Maximizer getting it up to the correct level. Nothing else. Leads may have delay and reverb, which are part of the profile.